All Sprawled Out

Prelude to Booming Beef Jerky

This is just a temporary point form of the events. Let me know if the order is off in any way, and I will expand upon this later.

  1. Finish up asking farm questions
  2. Go back to town
  3. Meeting for resolution with Detective Hua
  4. Detective thanks them, pays them, and offers them possible future work with someone he knows
  5. Several days pass, items are purchased, vehicles are repaired
  6. Stepping Razor receives call from Detective Hua’s acquaintance, offering a meeting that evening at his office.
  7. Acquaintance is a large troll
  8. Services are needed from runners
  9. This company is ultra secret, and they want runners to investigate for them, into the city inspector’s corruption.
  10. They are given some information about this, access to the database, and a paper to memorize with as much information as needed. Mostly faces.
  11. They plan out the run, and arrive at Lawrence’s Lumber Yard
  12. It seems to be only protected by dogs, but there are plenty of cameras, and so the runners hire a hacker for this job
  13. The hacker agrees to the payment for this brief job and meets them at the lumber yard.
  14. Sitting on the edge of the fence, with exploding beef jerky, our runners plot for next time.



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